Up to 6 hours

Max People: 6


Every day @ 10.00 AM
except Sunday


In front of the Tourist Information Centre
The address is Ban Jelačić Square 11, Zagreb


6 hours filled with flavours and aromas

Number of people

Minimum 2, maximum 6 people
For a larger group send us an email request,


90 EUR for adults and 75 EUR for kids (age 12-17)
For private tour 120 EUR for adults and 85 EUR for kids (age 12-17)

Your Culinary Connoisseur will be…

Karmela Karlović
I wear many hats – foodie, biologist, food stylist, and avid traveler – all fuelled by a deep passion for life’s simple pleasures. With a balanced love for people, animals, plants, and of course, food, I’ve curated city tours, food adventures, and cooking classes that encapsulate the heart of Croatia.

The next stop is a tasting of one of the finest and awarded cheeses around the world from Pag island. Cow, goat, and sheep milk cheeses will be on your plate to excite your taste buds.

A gentle stroll back to the main square to visit the oldest farmer’s market Dolac, the belly of the city. On the ground floor, we will see an assortment fresh and cured meat, dairy, and seasonal veggies alongside some food tastings.

In the open-air part of the farmer’s market, we will witness first-hand the diversity of ingredients supplied by local farmers, and in the fish market, we’ll muse around and gaze at the abundance of fresh-water and salt-water fish available to us.

Next on our menu is the famous savory appetizer Strukli. Fresh cheese-filled phyllo dough pillows coming on our table directly from the oven, the smell is heavenly. 

After a tasty brunch, we are going to visit a wine bar located in Zagreb’s downtown. Here you will sample some great wines and charcuterie. In an easy-going and relaxing atmosphere, you will sample Croatian indigenous wines paired with local finger food: prosciutto, salami, the world’s best olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and bread.

Through Opatovina, Tkalčićeva street, and the Upper town Gradec we will arrive at Zagreb’s old inn, where you will indulge in a traditional Croatian meal, typical of the Zagreb region.

In the end, we finish the tour at the renowned Zagreb ‘rush hour street’ with sweet bites.

During the entire tour, your guide will talk about history and gastronomy to round up the entire experience.