Up to 2.5 hours

Max People: 12


Every day @ 11.00 AM


Kuhaona culinary studio
The address is Opatovina 13, Zagreb


2.5 hours

Number of people

Minimum 2, maximum 12 people
For a larger group send us an email request.


65 EUR for adults and 40 EUR for kids (age 12-17)
For private cooking class 95 EUR for adults and 60 EUR kids (age 12-17)

Your Culinary Connoisseur will be…

Karmela Karlović
I wear many hats – foodie, biologist, food stylist, and avid traveler – all fuelled by a deep passion for life’s simple pleasures. With a balanced love for people, animals, plants, and of course, food, I’ve curated city tours, food adventures, and cooking classes that encapsulate the heart of Croatia.

While the štrukli are in the oven, we will have a stroll through Dolac market, hear a few stories about the traditions and customs of the region, and see the local stallholders selling their produce.

After that its back to the kitchen, greeted with the heavenly smell of fresh baked štrukli in all its cheesy, creamy glory, not to mention a glass of Croatian white wine to wash it all down.

Remark: Štrukli are suitable for the vegetarian diets but not for dairy-free and gluten-free diets.