Up to 3 hours

Max People: 8


Every day @ 5.00 PM
except Sunday


In front of the Tourist Information Centre
Address: Ban Jelačić Square 11, 10000 Zagreb


3 hours

Number of people

Minimum 2, maximum 8 people


70 EUR for adults and 50 EUR for kids (age 12-17)
For private tour 100 EUR for adults and 75 EUR for kids (age 12-17)
For a larger group send us an email request.

Your Culinary Connoisseur will be…

Karmela Karlović
I wear many hats – foodie, biologist, food stylist, and avid traveler – all fuelled by a deep passion for life’s simple pleasures. With a balanced love for people, animals, plants, and of course, food, I’ve curated city tours, food adventures, and cooking classes that encapsulate the heart of Croatia.

We will continue to explore Croatian cuisine and stroll to the small bistro, where we are going to sample traditional “štrukli”. An old Croatian folk song says: “My mother baked štrukli, but she did not tell me about it”. But don’t worry, we will tell you all about them, how to prepare and how to bake them, and, finally, taste them.

After the tasty štrukli, we are going to a beautiful restaurant where chefs transform traditional dishes into modern culinary delights. Here we will indulge in fish bites with Croatian white wine, a dish to tantalize your taste buds. 

We will close our tour with some sweet seasonal bites.