At Zagreb Gourmet, we’re on a mission to introduce you to the rich tapestry of flavours and aromas that Croatia has to offer. Immerse yourself in the world of local delicacies, wines, spirits, and traditional dishes, all within arm’s reach. As we stroll through the heart of the city, you’ll step back in time, embracing the traditions and lifestyles of the locals.

I’m Karmela Karlović, the proud owner of Zagreb Gourmet. I wear many hats – foodie, biologist, food stylist, and avid traveler – all fuelled by a deep passion for life’s simple pleasures. With a balanced love for people, animals, plants, and of course, food, I’ve curated city tours, food adventures, and cooking classes that encapsulate the heart of Croatia.

Home page and cover photos by Sandra Rončević

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